Friday, November 18, 2005

Godchild's Baptism

I first became a godparent when I was in the Philippines at the age of 14. My mom's friend wanted me to be their son's godparent. I was too young then to understand its meaning. I can't even remember his name and I feel awful for that. Twenty years later, my friends Cyrille and Richard, asked me to be the one of their first-born child's godparent. His name is Justin. It was then that I realized how a godparent should be involved in the child's life and promises to take care of him/her if something happens to the parents. It's kinda like being a guaranteed mentor to the child. I think that it's great! In a way it also made our friendship stronger. Unfortunately, since they moved to Tracy from San Jose, I never had a chance to visit. But in my heart, I know that someday, when the child needed more guidance, I will be there for him and he, along with my other godchildren, will always be in my prayers.

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