Wednesday, April 11, 2007

John Paul and Christopher

I can't believe how time flies. When I was 14, my cousin John Paul (the tall guy on my right) was just a baby and I used to take care of him and feed him when he cries. Now, he's much taller than me and he's now becoming a man. When we left the Philippines, he was 5 years old and I remember how difficult it was to sit him down. He will do anything to get out of the house and tag along with the grown ups. He just had a lot of energy that sometimes, it's really exhausting just to keep up with him. Now, he's almost 18 years old and he just moved here in US with his adopted parents - my Uncle Virgil and Aunt Christy. I just wish that he'll be able to get his life together, go to college, and have a great career someday.
Lately, he's being a handful and skipping schools. Growing up with a parental figure, he finds it really difficult to obey his parents and to stay in school. Fortunately, he graduated high school in the Philippines so he already has a diploma. I think that the military will be the best thing that he can possibly do now before it's too late and before he lose sight of his future.

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