Friday, October 12, 2007

Pinnacles National Monument: Paicenes, CA - April 2007

Sometime in April 2007, I went to check out the Talus Caves in Pinnacles National Monument at Paicines, CA. First stop was at a small, little town in Hollister to try to find San Andreas fault lines, which runs through that town. Didn't find any major ones and it's hard to tell the regular street pavement cracks from the earthquake cracks. One of the locals pointed us over to San Juan Bautista Mission to view the fault lines, which I visited on the way back from Pinnacles National Park. The park was amazing. I had to stoop down on my knees and crawl every now and then because the rocky caves and dark stairs are a little narrow at times. At the end of the cave is a beautiful lake where you can enjoy more view of the rock formations. The weather that day was really nice. I had a chance to hike the summit to get a glimpse of the Condors. They're so magnificent.

After visiting San Juan Bautista Mission, I stopped by one of my favorite places in San Jose - the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum. Across the street is the Winchester Mystery House, which happened to be close for the day. It was fun people watching and checking out the shops and cafes at the Santana Row. Awesome!

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