Thursday, June 21, 2007

With Philippine Consul General Rowena Sanchez

The dinner with ConGen Sanchez is really eye-opening. I met a lot of interesting people around the bay area and from the Philippines, like Senatorial candidate Lito Pimentel. Davis Mayor Ruth Asmundson ( was brought up in one of our conversations. She became Davis mayor in 2003, the year I graduated from UC Davis. Her husband Vigfus A. Asmundson, former Mayor of Davis and son of the UC Davis professor for whom Asmundson Hall is named, passed away year earlier. I think I'll go to one of her events in Davis to meet her one of these days. ConGen Sanchez mentioned about how she's also a member of the Filipina Women's Network ( and how I will benefit from joining and attending their talks. It's a $100 yearly membership but, after checking out their website, I'm starting to think that it's so worth it.

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