Thursday, August 2, 2007

It's in Giving that we Receive

When I was at UC Davis, I joined a couple of the Fil-Am groups: Pilipino Americans in Science and Engineering (PASE) and Filipino Association for Health Careers (FAHC). My emailbox is often cluttered up with newsletters and announcements. I'm always excited to check them out. But, I didn't stay with FAHC that long... must be their email greetings ~ "Welcome back to the Fall Quarter, FAHC'ers!" *uhhH. What did you call me?!#@!
I enjoyed the community service, the cultural nights, the booths we put up for campus events, etc. But, I've always felt that I'm not doing enough. I admire those people who really make an impact and raise awareness in the community. When I joined FASEA, I had a chance to meet some people who make real effort to be involved and to make a difference. It's nice to be reminded every now and then that every small thing counts. Charity is not just about giving money. There is so much that we can give or share ~ our smiles, our compassion, our understanding, our time... our knowledge, our skills, our heart... A troubled kid can use a simple hug and just a little of your time to listen to them talk. Sometimes, when I think about things that are wrong in this world, I become overwhelmed, feel discouraged, and I start to think about passing that responsibility of helping others to those who are more able ~ the rich, the famous, the powerful, the missionaries. But, how if they'll feel the same way? So, as Nike puts it, "Just Do It!" Besides, why not do good deeds when you benefit from it yourself. I remember how Phoebe in the TV show "Friends" actually regards giving as a selfish act because it's in giving that you find happiness, something that is priceless and not that easy to have (at least for some people). Also, at the end of the day, it's nice to think that you (at least tried) to do something good and that someone out there is thanking God for bringing you into their life.
A sight of good deed can be a contagious chain of reaction that inspires people to give and do more for others. Do you remember the movie Pay it Forward? How about the Liberty Mutual TV commercial ( )? It's a simple accounting... every positive thing that you put up there can compound into something bigger. There's already too much negativities in this world, it's time that we balance those with a good heart.

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