Sunday, September 16, 2007

Grand Canyon / Skywalk trip plan for October

It's kind of weird how I met at least three people with the same birth date as me in the same year: Claire, Claudia, and Jasmine's baby. Anyway, the trip to Grand Canyon was awesome! Check out pictures I've taken at ( I flew to Las Vegas on a Saturday (~1 hr) flight and spend the day in Vegas. I had to go on the New York New York Manhattan rollercoaster first thing in the morning because they're only open until noon on Saturdays. It was great! It was $12/ride but got a $4 off coupon and it was worth it. The ride was long enough and had at least two loops and couple of drops. I liked it a LOT! The rides at the Stratosphere's (X Scream and couple of others) are kind of expensive for me plus you have to pay to get up the tower, where they have the rides. Checked out the Bellagio's water show, watched the top-of-the-hour show at Caesar's palace, GameWorks, the new Wynn hotel, Madame Toussand's wax museum, Rainforest, etc. At night, there's the Excalibur's outdoor Pirate show. I was hoping we'll get to check out 55th floor's Ghostbar at Palms hotel and see Las Vegas' panoramic view at night but, didn't have the time. The girls at Coyote Ugly @ NY NY are hot, hot hot!

Next day, we stop by Hoover Dam on our way to West of Grand Canyon (~3 hrs drive). There's a 14-mile dirt road that we had to drive to get to Skywalk. We paid $75 for the tour package that includes walking the Skywalk (no cameras allowed), couple of shows, and a traditional meal. I think it's kinda expensive but, oh well. South Rim was ~ 5 hrs from West GC. We campled at Angel's Bright campground and hiked the Angel's Bright trail the following day. Unfortunately, we were not able to secure the campsite nor got a backcountry permit to camp on one of the campsites by the Colorado River so we have to do a roundtrip that same day. We had a good view of the river at Plateau Point but we didn't make it all the way to the river, maybe next time.

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