Friday, May 1, 2009

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Lately, I've been trying to figure out how to rearrange the furniture I have in my bedroom and living room so that we wouldn't have to end up sitting in the floor close to the TV. You'll think that the easiest solution will be to move the seat closer to the TV. But it's actually the size of the rooms that's creating a problem. I'll have to put the couch or the TV in the middle of the room to create a good viewing distance. Anyway, I'm working on it. But, for my bedroom, I started looking for a comfortable, nice-looking chaise lounge and I think I found my dream chaise (shown in the picture). Yup!

I also started couple of after-work projects at home. I planted some old garlic, dyed my faded jeans, cleaned my ceiling fan, re-organized my storage and travel souvenirs, started a photobook, tried to figure out how to fix our central AC, and disassembled and tried to fix my broken Sony Cybershot digital camera. I didn't realize how messy it is to dye clothes in a washing machine. I read an article online about using 2 navy blue Rit dye + 1/2 black Rit dye powder to dye 2 faded jeans and get a dark denim color. You can add a cup of vinegar during wash cycle to make the color last. I tossed in another denim jacket with the two jeans. I soaked the fabrics in the dye solution for 30 minutes before starting a wash. Then, I have to run the machine again until the water runs clear to get the rest of the stain out. Overall, it turned okay but I thought that it's probably not worth the labor. I learned a lot from disassembling my digital camera. It's really a work of art and kind of intimidating at first. Everything is packed tightly and looks fragile that I keep on thinking how I can easily break a part or two. But, it's already broken to start with so what do I have to lose. I dropped my digital camera during a trip and now it's lens won't open or close completely and it just keeps on making this buzzing sound. I read online that to fix it, you have to find the motor and either turn it off so that your camera will stay open or fix it somehow to realign it. I've taken out so many tiny screws, which I taped together so that I won't lose them. I was able to manually open and close the lens once or twice but after couple of power on and off, it got stuck again. But, at least, there is still hope - unlike our central AC. Our AC stopped working last summer. I can hear and feel the blower but no cool air. I got couple of quotes to find and fix the refrigerant leak within the unit, which is probably in the condenser, and recharge the freon and it costs about $2500. I was told that I'm better off with a new unit since even after they fix it, there's a high chance for it to leak again. So, I decided to eye another option. I spoke with my roommates and we all agreed that it's better to just have an individual AC in each room. That way, we can save money by not having to cool the whole house. Besides, most of us are gone on the weekends. I started looking for portable AC with about 14000 BTU and they run from $300-$500, which is probably not that bad. I only need two and that will cost me less than half of the cost of fixing our central AC. Also, I cleaned my ceiling fan and it really helped a lot in making the air cooler! I can't imagine how dusts can actually affect how your fan works but they do. Anyway, I hope I'll make better progress with all these projects I started. I have several others on my list, like painting my porch and setting up a mahjong night at my place.

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