Wednesday, June 2, 2010

finding a mellow life

Since the beginning of this year, I've been trying to slow down and restructure my habits. It's not until my last trip to Florida that I realized how I should work on dealing with stress and anxiety. Lately, I noticed that too much expectations from the trip and lack of time to relax made me enjoy the trip less. We were so preoccupied with budgeting and trying to get as much done during the trip that we didn't really get into the vacation mode. So, next time, I should indulge myself a little more on down-time and just chillax* I decided to try to get back to basics , stop multi-tasking, and focus on simplicity, curiousity, and open mind so that I'll be less anxious and frustrated. One of my goals is to really get into meditation. It has a lot of good health benefits. Also, I was told to pursue what fascinates me - perhaps a hobby or an ambition, and to follow that passion. It's rare to find.

I shared these with couple of people I know who are having problems with their relationships. I figured, maybe they should focus on something else in their life - like their health or a new hobby. One thing that's common to the two of them is that they're bored and desperate to feel loved. What they're doing is wrong but they can't stop it because of the thrill and the temporary sense of happiness and it's almost like an addiction to something that's bad for you. They're craving for it and they're so vulnerable that they can't stop. So, I advised both of them the same thing - to do what is right (for the sake of karma or that it's a sin). Chance that they'll listen is slim but I pray that they'll stop before it's too late.

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