Monday, August 9, 2010


It's unbelievable how much difference awareness and acceptance can do for a person to finally commit to change. While knowledge is purely knowing, wisdom is to truly understand and to actually be able to "walk the talk". Now I truly understand how knowing the truth can set you free and how having an open mind can help one start the process of healing and change.

There are people who were born and endured a diffucult life, surrounded by negativity and bad experiences. It's just bad luck. And only few are able to survive all these challenges or at least find a way out of it. But how do you undo what took years of shaping? How do you help someone who's messed up when they don't know or accept that something is wrong with them? It's not entirely their fault that they turn out as such. It may be their parents or lack of education or poor role models.

It's hard to help these people and it's sad that most of them are actually blaming the wrong people and things in their life as they constantly search for a reason why they feel and behave certain ways. This is where I honestly believe on how programs and support groups can really help these people seek the answer they need and start renewing their life. Some find religion as their redemption. Some may find it in simply understanding who they are, their weaknesses, and what it is that's causing their problems in relationships and with their behavior.

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