Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2015 Wrap Up

     It seems that my day to day finally became a year to day after not being able to blog for more than a year.  It has been an interesting year with more lifestyle changes, decision-making, and adjustments to keep up with two growing, rambunctious toddlers.  Sad that I didn't get to travel or run as much in 2015.  I tried to organize a 5k run with the ribbon-cutting ceremony of a new underpass by my work.  We started coordinating in April and they didn't give me a date until 10 days before the event in December.  I still tried to pull it off but between holiday parties, people on vacation, and lack of enough notice to participants, it was just too impossible.   So, I decided to reschedule it Spring of 2016 to make it a community event.  I wanted it to be successful in hope that it may become an annual event that will be sponsored by our work union (which I am now a newly-elected secretary) and other neighboring businesses in Richmond by the marina.

    One major decision we made in November 2015 is to move closer to work to avoid the hour work commute (each way).  We were hoping it will let us spend more quality time with the children.  We decided to rent out our two-story home and move into a small 3-bedroom, 1-bath home.  We had to get rid of a lot of our furniture and things by selling them and donating some since our smaller home does not have as much space.  It's sad to let go of my reclining couch and huge dining table set.  Those were the first furniture I purchased when I was still single and living in the first home I purchased at Hilltop in Richmond.  I don't have that house anymore.  I still don't know why I decided to let it go.  I was pregnant with my second child then and I didn't want to manage it.  I should have hired a property manager instead.  Lesson learned.  I love that place.  I always think about it when I feel too overwhelmed with kids and marriage life.

    Now, we're back in Richmond and I'm not sure if moving closer to work improved our lifestyle as much.  My family is farther and we don't see them as often.  They used to come over and help us clean the house or watch the kids.  The cost of living in this area is much higher.  The Montessori school our kids go to have 5 total weeks a year (excluding holidays) of no school.  We had to take vacation time to take care of the kids.  Also, the quality of learning they now have is nothing compared to their previous preschool in Martinez.  I feel like they're not learning as much and not making any friends.  I can't even think about elementary school since the elementary schools in our area are very low-scoring.  There are a lot of crazy drivers and I just hope that our neighborhood is safe enough.  It's also sad to not see my kids play in the yard with their bikes and to see my plants doing poorly with the cold weather.  I'm looking forward to moving again, hopefully, in a few months.  Maybe we'll move back to Martinez...

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