Saturday, October 29, 2005

Halloween at Loctite

Last year, I dressed up as a "bat-terfly". I was dressed in black with shiny, gold trimmings and wore a dark eye mask (reminiscent of Batman), a dark bat necklace and an upside-down turquoise bat crown. I had my hair pulled up in two high side-buns. Then, I found this really colorful, big goth butterfly wing! I won the costume contest that year and our scariest scarecrow entree also won - his name is "MonKey". Monkey is a term that we use in R&D for chemical reactions that get out of hand. So, our "MonKey" is basically a scary looking monk with an old hag mask, a dark-brown robe, and a big giant bloody metal key hanging on his neck like a bloody saw pendant. This year, I dressed up as bride of chucky with my dark boots, blond wig, bridal veil, white dress and small leather bike jacket. Worked out great! Unfortunately, the guy wearing her daughter's cheerleading dress won the contest. He was so funny! This is the last Halloween costume contest that I had in Loctite. I left November of 2005 and took a 45-day vacation to the Philippines before I started with my new job at the state Department of Public Health.

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