Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Answered Prayers, He really listens!

Somehow, I see myself as an observer and a dreamer. I have lots of ambitions and goals in life, some being totally impossible. When I was 8, I told my grandpa that I want to be an Astronaut. He laughed and replied, "No Filipino has ever been in space. You're not going to be the first, especially the fact that you're a girl". There are couple of things I find wrong in that statement but I was a little kid then to care. However, that dream has always been a part of me. That's probably what led me to work for an aerospace company in Baypoint, CA - which is now Henkel Loctite. That was the first time I met a real astronaut (I'll get his name from a signed poster I kept and post it here). Their R&D Dept. is cut up for engineering and chemistry majors that I started taking engineering classes in hope that it will help advance my career with them in the future. It was a challenging job but I always feel very productive at the end of the day. Once, they sent me to a SAMPE conference at Long Beach and I had a great time! I was planning to stay with them longer but the safety issues at work made me think twice. Also, being petite, I felt that I was a little disadvantaged as far as handling big composite lay-up panels.
I worked 6AM-2PM and took up classes after work. Sometime in 2005, I decided to get my real estate license and work part-time for my uncle's real estate company in Hercules - Hercules Realty and Financial Services. Destiny finds me and geared me back to science when I finally got accepted in the Public Health Microbiologist training program in the California Department of Health Services (now, Dept. of Public Health). It was so timely. I just got back from a 6-week vacation from the Philippines and I just started working for Sturgis & Bright, a commercial appraisal company in Richmond, CA. It would have been an interesting job. While I was working for them, I was able to help appraise a parking lot and a new recycling area in San Leandro. That was a really exciting experience for me then. But I decided to leave the position as a trainee appraiser when I got the call from Heiki Quinn, a training coordinator from the Dept. of Health. First, I thought that she was a telemarketer and almost hung up on her. I didn't remember sending an application to them. It's been two years before I heard back from them. I should get use to the state system. It takes forever for them to process paperwork. I was in the Philippines during the first interview and totally missed it. Fortunately, I was given a second chance to be in the program.
Year 2006 was just a great year. After the PHM training, I was preparing for the Public Health Microbiologist exam when my uncle found this really great new house right across Hilltop Mall. It's such a lovely home with a well-laid out floor plan that makes wise use of space. I decided to make an offer after I found out that they dropped $100K off the original price and that they're giving us credits and commission. I was surprised on how I was able to put together a 20% down (I had to borrow $15K from dad) from what I've saved and from the commission I got. It was amazing! The location is close to work, shops, and other amenities, roommate-friendly, and NEW! No repairs to worry about.
Things are turning out real great and so fast that I felt afraid. How if I never had another year like this? Is this my peak year? I should be extra good and pay it forward. I believe that God (or whoever you believe in) is really watching and listening to my prayers and that He eventually answers them when the right time comes. I think that He prepares us through trials and difficulties for something that is planned so that we are ready and worthy to accept those blessings. If you're not ready, you'll probably end up like one of those Hollywood stars who can't handle their success and end up dying young from drug over-dose, crime, or lost of sanity.

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