Sunday, December 10, 2006

Everyday Christmas

Moving to my new home brought a lot of great changes in my life. I wish that I tried to start living on my own a long time ago. When I was living with a roommate in Davis on my last two years of college, I realized how lonely it was to be away from my family and I missed them. But I really liked how I had more time to pursue things that I want to do instead of constantly running errands at home. Living with my family was great and those were the happiest moments of my life. However, it did leave me feeling a little sheltered and I felt that I missed out in a lot of things that I would have done if I would have been living alone. It would have forced me to widen my circle of friends more, travel more, and learn and be good at doing something like playing a musical instrument perhaps. It's something that I would have done differently but I don't regret that I did stayed with my family a little longer. It gave me time to save up and think things through.

I already have a lot of great memories in my new home and my white Christmas tree in the living room corner has seen it all. It has a lot of happy memories with it such as our first Christmas at the house, the house blessing the day before Christmas day, my nieces hanging their toys in the tree on Christmas, the times when my roommates and I lit up the lights of the tree just to make us feel better on a bad day. Hmmm... I don't think I'll ever put it away. Everyone who walks in the house loves it. With it in the living room, we can always lit it up to cheer us up. Besides, it's kinda hard to take apart and it can take up a lot of room in storage.

I'm glad that I was able to furnish the living spaces sooner. My roommates love them! My house has three floors. The first floor has a room with a patio and side yard, a laundry room, a small storage area, and the garage. The second floor is where all the living spaces are: kitchen, dining, living room, and a half bath. The third floor has the masters bedroom and the third room. Each room has its own bath so, my roommates and I don't have to share bath, which is really nice! My room feels a little too big for me, considering that I don't have much stuff. I think that the only thing I have a lot of will be clothes and books or reading materials. Hopefully, I'll get to work on making my room more "homey" sometime. I think I would want to keep its "spa-like" feel with a lot of space but put up more travel mementos on the walls. Meanwhile, I found these really cool website for Kitchen ideas:,1792,HGTV_3375,00.html

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