Saturday, July 14, 2007

A visit from Susie

I met Susie Barbieri through Prof. Torres. We had dinner with Dr. Libby in Vallejo Friday night, where Dr. Libby entertained us with her amazing voice. She spent the night at my place and we chat the night away. She's from Korea and her husband works for AirFrance. That's how they get to travel around and send their kids to different countries. Man, I wish she's my mom. She's really fun to be around. She loves helping people and contributing to charity work. Anywayz, she gave me her business card and it's sooo fancy, with a detailed map at the back and all glistening. I think I'm going to visit her in Korea just so I can order these business cards for myself. So, nice! Also, she and her family will be moving back to France in a year ~ another reason why I should travel travel to Europe.
Found out about Arkiteknik designs, and the Bayanihan Community in SF. I think I'll check them out sometime. I really like their ethnic fashion portfolio... very unique and chic.

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