Sunday, July 1, 2007

My Nephew/Godson's Baptism 07-01-2007

My nephew, John Peter, is also my 3rd godchild. But, this is the first time that I have to go to a Parent/Godparent seminar. The seminar was 2 hours looonngg but, it's a good review of the Seven Sacraments (Baptism, Holy Eucharist, Reconcilliation, Confirmation, Matrimony, Holy Order, Anointing of the Sick) and a good reminder of the roles parents and god parents should have in the child's life.
The day of the baptism was a little stressful for me. We celebrated it at my place. I was thinking that my brothers will take care of the set-up. But, when I got home Sunday morning, my cousin John Paul was sitting in the front steps, keeping an eye on all these tray of foods that the caterer dropped off that morning. Then, we were at a rush trying to set-up the trays in the dining area ~ only to find out that they had a long table set-up at the garage. So, we have to bring everything downstairs, had to do some clean-up, buy some incense/candles to dilute the smell of the food, etc. I had to remind my brother 3x to pick up the cake from Goldilocks. Finally, it's 2PM and we're at the church. We were trying to find our reserved pew(s) but, didn't see it anywhere. After asking the priest and a nurse, we found out that my nephew is not on the list of babies to be baptised. So, I ask my brother, "Did you register for July 1st, 2008?" All we can do is laugh... Fortunately, the priest just added us in the list and go on with the ceremony. And oh! after the ceremony, there's this guy (Allan Tablante) and his wife who were intrigued that we might be all related, since we have the same last name. We exchanged info and thought about actually, working on that family tree. I've been planning to make one for my mom... maybe on my next trip to our province, Laguna, in the Philippines. My friend Kathy will get married on May 2008 and I'll be one of her bridesmaids. So, I'll definitely be back home May of next year.
The reception was great though! Alejandro was there and my friend Arvin & Buenda showed up... my cousin Vanessa and her husband Kevin with his brother also showed up. Then, there are my brothers' and sister-in-law's friends and co-workers. I was also surprised that Prof. Torres was able to come and join us. He lives near-by but, he was in an event in another city that day, too. I'm just happy that everyone is there ~ my brothers and their family, my cousin John Paul (Christopher is in a Summer Camp but, he called to say how sorry he was that he can't make it), and my favorite Uncle Virgil and Tita Christie. My mom joined us later that night, after I picked her up from her house in Pacheco. Then, it's endless Karaoke and eating all night! My tito Rick got too drank that he just won't pass the mic to anyone else. He just won't stop making speeches and singing (even Christmas songs)! I think we even got carried away with a Christmas song that we decided to lit up the Christmas tree .
I think that the only sad thing that day was the fact that my mom didn't want to be in the church and at the house while my dad and his new wife was there. The same situation happened before (during my house blessing). It really makes me sad that I have to yield on my dad's wish of bringing his new wife and because of that, not be able to have my mom around early on. The week of my house blessing, I really cried after finding out that my mom will not be there ~ not until my dad and my tita Chris (his new wife) leaves. That was really painful. And it did upset me that it have to happen again. But, honestly, I will never let it happen again in important occassions in my life (like my own wedding, my child's baptism, etc.). I do hope I will get married and have kids someday ...

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