Sunday, November 11, 2007

Rough November

Last week, I was at my friend's house in dowtown San Jose after watching Mason Jennings at the Blank Club. Then, Sunday morning, I was at Carmel and attended a mass at Mission San Carlos (the fourth Mission we've visited). Carmel-by-the-sea reminds me of one of Thomas Kinkade's paintings. I love the Cyprus trees, the tide pools, and the whole scenery at the 17-mile drive to Pacific Grove. The light house, Monarch Butterflies' Sanctuary, and the Lover's Point at Pacific Grove was awesome. Then, I had dinner at a sports-diner place called Britanica Arms in Monterey after walking the downtown shops and areas and checking out the Fisherman's Wharf. It was foggy and misty that night. I remember hearing the sea lions and the yachts but not really seeing them since even the lights are blurry from a distant.

This week has been a little rough for me. Our FASEA ( president died early this week and I was not emotionally ready when it all happened. Then, my bike got stolen that night. Thursday, I got toxin-poisoning from a cold can of coffee that I had for lunch. It's so ironic how something that you like so much (ex: coffee) can hurt you real bad. I felt alone that night while I was in pain and having a fever. Can't call my mom because I don't want to worry her. My dad dropped by but he can't stay because of my step-mom. It's amazing how I was able to pull myself together the next day to go to work. Thank God I started throwing up that morning, and ofcourse, it's the coffee I saw and smelled in the puke. I threw up on a biohazard bag in one of the labs where no one is around to hear me. The third time I threw up was after the lunch time FASEA meeting and I think that did it. I still feel weak that Friday night but I thought that I owe it to myself to go out with some friends. Unfortunately, I didn't like the new crowd they brought but overall, it was a fun night.

Today, I went to Napa and Sonoma with couple of my friends. It was a little misty and foggy in the morning but it was so perfect, a much needed retreat. It felt like a 6-hour dawn. I was able to clear my head and feel strong. It's nice to breathe some fresh air at Napa. I wish I can take it home with me. On our way back, we stopped by Pinoy Pinay at Vallejo and met Jeffrey Quizon, Filipino celebrity and son of famous comedian, Dolphy.

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