Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Carquinez Bridge to Vallejo

Before heading out to a Mediterranean Cruise in Europe this month, I decided to rent out my room and move to my dad's house in Crockett. He has a duplex but he lives in one of the units and the other remains vacant. Eventually, I was able to talked him into renting it out. It so happens that my roommate's new boyfriend works at the C&H factory, which is a 5-minute bike ride away from the house. The same guy happens to be my uncle's client a few years back. What a small world. My dad's place in Crockett overlooks the Carquinez Bridge and we once biked across the bridge to Seafood City in Vallejo. There were couple of hills in downtown Vallejo but it was a really nice bike ride. Each year, around Father's Day, they have an Annual Pirate Festival by the Ferry station in Vallejo and it's part of the Renaissance Faire - a definite must-see!

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