Saturday, November 23, 2013

bucket list

  1. visit the modern 7 world wonders (3 more to go: Petra, Taj Mahal, and Great Wall of China)
  2. do a missionary work on a third world country (health clinic, emergency respond team, sanitation)
  3. train and complete my first triathlon
  4. adopt a child
  5. write a children's book
  6. learn to be a really good singer
  7. audition for a tv competition (American Idol or American Ninja :P )
  8. have a great viewing of Aurora borealis (Alaska or Iceland)
  9. hike Mt. Everest
  10. space travel (hope it'll be much less than $250k in the future)
  11. present a talk on TED on anthropological ideas to improve problems in our society

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