Saturday, May 12, 2007

My one and only mom - Happy Mother's Day!

We have a new addition to our family - my nephew, John Peter. I love his cute little face! My brother gets mad at me whenever I call him Mickey. You should see him smiLe, he looks like Mickey Mouse! Okay, stop it! Can't wait until he starts crawling, walking, and running and I'll have more kids to play with. Weee! Hey, don't get me wrong, I'm just a kid at heart.
I love my mom... sooO much! She's the sweetest and kindest person I'll ever have in my life. I don't think anyone can care and love me more than she does. She calls me just to say "God bless you" and "I love you". Sometimes, she tells me how bad she feels when she spends more of her time taking care of my older brothers' family and kids instead of taking care of me. So, she takes the bus to my house once or twice a week and buys me some good Filipino goodies and "Cinnabon" for late afternoon treats. I love seeing that Cinnabon box in my table when I go home because I know that she's there. Then, there are times when she thinks that I probably have too many bills and mortgage to pay that she keeps on giving me money and I end up saying, "MOM! I'm okay! You're the one who needs money for your retirement..."
I keep on telling her to just rest and relax when she stays at the house because that's the only time that she's free from cleaning or taking care of kids. But, she just won't listen. She always has the urge to clean every speck of dirt and move around the plants in the garden. A lot of my stuff gets shuffled around when she visits. Sometimes, I don't even know if I'm in my own house when I get home. But, I can't thank God enough for giving me my mom and my Kuya Dennis and all the people who care about me and make my life happier! Lord, please give them a longer and healthier life...

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