Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Stacks of Rocks

I've always been fascinated with rock formations, mostly those from volcanic eruptions. No wonder I easily fell in love with rock climbing. Rocks have their own uniqueness from texture, color, strength, composition, and where they can be found. I've always associated rocks/pebbles/stones with strength. Even "Narda" (Philippine 'Wonder Woman' character)have to swallow a piece of rock to transform into "Darna!". And what do they call diamond engagement rings? A giant piece of rock! Rock rocks! So, last Sunday, we were at Emeryville marina and decided to mess around with smaller pieces of rocks and play "Jenga" with it. Awesome! Can't believe I was able to pile them up that high... check out the base, too! Staring at that piece of art, I can't help appreciate the beauty a unison makes. That stack of rocks is definitely fragile but it looks amazing from a distance ~ the incredible balance and how each piece supports the other. No matter how much stress and pressure are placed by gravity and wind on those rocks at that moment, the beauty of it takes all those worries away. In reality, balance, unity, and harmony in our lives can definitely hush away any sorrow, pain, and other imperfections. Positivity will always radiate the most and bring enough light to overcome darkness/negativities.

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